Off the shelf, made to order or invented for your purpose

Structurflex fabric and membrane products provide new answers to old problems. Bring us your challenges and let us apply engineering discipline that’s perfectly balanced by inspired ingenuity.

Off-the shelf product range

Guided by current best-practice and customer feedback, we’ve assembled a comprehensive range of ready-to-go products for transport, environment and event applications. Once we receive your order, products can be delivered anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. If you’re not sure whether an existing product will exactly suit your needs, talk to one of our sales consultants.

Existing designs custom made for you

Curtainsiders, roller doors and events canopies are usually custom-made, based on our proven designs. Our designers will work closely with your people to identify the practical and aesthetic requirements of the task. Ideas flow both ways during this process, so that the project receives the benefit of combined thinking power. Our sales consultants can help you to get the process started.

Invention to solve a problem

If you have a challenge that our product range doesn’t currently address, talk to us about it. A substantial part of Structurflex engineering and design activity is dedicated to invention for a specific purpose. Once the big idea is right, we add the detail required to turn vision into reality. Our design team will be thoroughly conversant with the regulations that apply to your location, sector or application, so you can be confident that there won’t be any expensive re-designing down the track. Talk to a sales consultant about your unique challenge.