Land-sea boom

Successfully containing oil spills helps to protect beaches, wildlife and fisheries. The Structurflex Land-Sea Boom, also known as an intertidal boom, is used to seal the seashore interface of tidal waters, estuaries and shallow water areas.

The top tube is air inflated, while the lower tubes are water ballasted. This design provides stability for the floating section and, by virtue of the weight of ballast, seals the foreshore when aground. Flaps have been built into the top of the air chamber to deflect water in choppy conditions.

Key benefits:
• Effective in currents up to three knots
• Manufactured from highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane.
• Durable construction with HF heat-welded seams
• Tool-free connectors
• Handles every two metres
• Optional extras include ground sheet/carry bag, inflation pump, anchor kits, air interconnectors, tow bridles, ballast pump, repair kit