Container Canopy

The container canopy has been designed to meet the specific customer requirements for shelter and shading from a 40-foot container.

High-tech fabric

All Structurflex canopies are made from acrylic-coated, polyester-reinforced, fire-retardant PVC. The fabric is specially treated to prevent moisture wicking and can be cleaned with water and mild detergent.

Superior tensioning system

All-welded fabrication, anodised aluminium poles, passivated pegs, polyester guy web and a double-purchase tensioning system ensure your canopy stays taut in any weather.

Promote your brand

While providing a functional shelter solution the canopy also looks the part and adds huge value to the container offering in terms of space and shelter. With the addition of branding the canopy becomes an ideal vehicle for promoting your brand.

Built to last

The container canopy has been engineered and designed to withstand heavy rain and wind loadings.

Tailored to meet your needs

Please contact us direct to discuss our container canopy; this product can be customized to meet your requirements