Structurflex has been the leading supplier of truck curtains in New Zealand since 1983. We have also been the pioneer of curtainsider technology in many other markets, including Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan.

Structurflex continues to introduce new innovations by remaining at the forefront of emerging technologies. Structurflex introduced digitally-printed curtainsiders to New Zealand. We’ve also used our ingenuity to design tensioners for better performance on the road. By working closely with leading trucking companies, our engineers get the insight they need for innovation – we’re continually looking for ways to make our market-leading products even better.

The demands of the road fuel our determination
to blaze a trail

Transport Products


Graphically-enhanced truck curtains give your brand huge visibility on the road, while our superior engineering ensures improved goods handling, better load security and faster turnarounds. It all contributes to improved business performance.


Roller Doors

Roller doors that seal effectively, are easy to operate and resilient to damage, even years down the road. These are the requirements that underpin the roller doors supplied by Structurflex. We are proud suppliers of two different brands of roller doors. The Robinson Roller Shutter is a lightweight aluminium door, ideal for a variety of applications. The Whiting Roller Door is a heavy-duty door developed especially for the rear of a truck or trailer.


Structurflex Tensioner

Recognising the need for a better truck curtain tensioner, Structurflex designed the Structurflex Tensioner in 1992. We believe it is the best device of its kind on the market – very durable materials and robust construction, proven over 20 years in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and around the world.

The strong, lightweight Structurflex Tensioner lets you tension and release truck curtains with one hand. Quick and easy to use, it can be fitted to both ends of a Flexisider curtain. The Structurflex Tensioner offers maximum convenience and efficiency.



Structurflex can provide spare and replacement parts for all curtain sider, tensioner and roller door products.

Our comprehensive catalogue includes: Tracks, pelmets, luff groove poles, pole top caps, pole base plugs, pole support brackets and spacers, washers, hooks, buckles, webbing straps, bearing rollers, hangers, top rollers and brackets, door and pole bottom guides, centre catches, door brackets and parts for the Structurflex Tensioner.


Structurflex is now a one-stop shop for curtainsiders, curtain graphics and clearcoating. Signflex is the curtain graphics division of Structurflex; an on-site, purpose-built truck curtain signwriting and clearcoating facility.

Custom built spray booths and extraction systems lead to improved atmosphere control and best in class health & safety standards. Structurflex is innovating throughout the process – from curtain manufacture right through to finish.

Optimal curing conditions means you can expect improved quality and reliability. And because we do it right here on site we can provide you a better value solution with shorter lead times.

Transport Downloads

Download full-colour brochures that explain the benefits and features of our Transport products.