Structurflex Flexisider curtains make your job easier. You can access your load from anywhere along the entire length of the vehicle, so no more first-on last-off planning problems. Loading and unloading is easy and fast, which saves you time and money.

You can also load up to the full width of your trailer without worrying about putting goods at risk. Flexisider curtains provide complete cargo protection and security, plus they offer significant savings in tare weight. If you carry chilled or frozen cargo, we can provide you with insulated and super-insulated Flexisider curtains.

Key benefits:

• Effective protection and security for your load
• Easy loading and unloading from anywhere on the side
• Make full use of your carrying capability
• Flexisiders are available in Dryfreight (Single Skin), Double Skin, Standard Insulated, Super Insulated and Chipsider.
• Full range of colours, plus sign-writing and digital print options