We’ve been designing and manufacturing spill containment products for more than 35 years. Our customers continually tell us that our booms and bunds are better designed and of a higher quality than anything else on the international market. Download our Spill Containment Solutions Brochure

When the world is at stake, our engineering excellence ensures there’s no room for error

Environmental Products

Oil booms

Spill is a dirty word, but our oil booms ensure that damage is minimised. Rapid deployment and efficiency are the only factors that really matter – our products have proven to be the best at both.


Flexidams and Tanks

Customisation is the key word here. Our in-house design engineers can tailor any of our products to match your needs exactly. We work quickly and efficiently – before and after the sale.


Waste Containment Bunds

Our design expertise combines with an immense knowledge of industrial textile fabrication to make decontamination bunds that work better. The Structurflex range includes both batten-supported and air-supported bunds.



When conditions require an extremely tough, chemical and UV-resistant material, our engineers work with impermeable XR5 geomembrane fabric. Structurflex floating covers are ideal for anaerobic digesters and waste treatment ponds.


Environmental Downloads

Download full-colour brochures that explain the benefits and features of our Environmental products.